8 days as Bistro's Mama!

From my second floor window I witnessed a stray dog eating garbage on a neighbor's lawn.   She was seen running without a collar the night before (April 7) and my neighbor called the dog catcher.
The dog catcher tried many times over several weeks but this girl was fast, scared, and smart. 
With an SOS text to my friend and dog expert Elizabeth Fossett, I began the almost TWO week journey to gain this young dog's trust.  Elizabeth - THANK YOU!  I NEVER would have known all the steps and what to do!   My friend Toni Leone (also a dog trainer) also answered every question I had.   "Bistro" (where she was found sleeping in a chair in the early chilly part of April) is now being co-parented by Danny Smith and me.  She is extra lucky as she gets to be in the beautiful quiet Driftless part of WI, and then back to the city where the sniffing on city sidewalks is a little more exciting.