Approximately 70 percent of our bodies are water (same goes for Mother Earth!)....but of course all drinking water is not equal.  Most of the time I drink spring water www.Findaspring.com

Research the water you are drinking from your tap.  https://www.epa.gov/ground-water-and-drinking-water

My friend Jack has had great results with this Alkalizing water - a kind of water that can be 'made' in your own home (mineral rich, anti-oxidant, alkaline).  Go here to learn more:   http://www.alkalinephfactor.com

My Wellness Journey


A message about my health...

Learning how to keep myself healthy has been a part-time job. I envy those who can function well when eating 'whatever', and it is likely that those lucky folks may find it very hard to conceive of my limits and may even feel I am overly concerned. (But I guarantee not one would question my vigilance, if in my skin.)   After working very hard to learn 'new rules' over the last two years (and they keep evolving and becoming honed) I am happy to report that I continue to have…

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